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“The Prospect” HCA Newsletter – March 2017

Some Highlights: WALKING TOURS A FABULOUS SUCCESS— 54 people attend the first two, more tours to come. All are welcome. Who would have thought history could be so entertaining? There is a growing awareness in Oak Bay of our neighbourhood’s rich cultural history—people were lined up around the block, so to speak, to get a spot on the first [...]

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“The Prospect” HCA Newsletter – February 2017

Some Highlights: ALL OVER THE WORLD, historic edifices are being replaced with “could-be-anywhere” buildings. Do we want this to happen in our neighbourhood which is of such cultural significance to Oak Bay? We need to protect it, so we thought it would be a good idea to apply to Oak Bay to become a Heritage Conservation Area (HCA), or [...]

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Walking tour of The Prospect Heritage Conservation Area

April 29, 2017 - UPDATE: We look forward to having more of these walks in the near future. To stay up to date - please go to our contact page and sign up for our newsletter. All we need is a name and email address! We are celebrating Heritage Week in BC - February 13-19, 2017! The proposed [...]

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