1558 Beach Drive soon after it was built in 1912

1558 Beach Drive soon after it was built in 1912

As concerned friends and neighbours, we care about the heritage values of our community and want to see them preserved. Of Oak Bay’s 30 designated heritage houses, 11 are situated in the immediate area. The J. W. Morris house is the crown jewel in a setting of seven historic houses built on either side of it.

We wish to ensure that any development of the property is consistent with the architectural characteristics of this historic house, is respectful of the green space in front of the house, and is in keeping with the neighbourhood’s heritage architecture. The mansion was divided into seven apartment suites in 1948 and is home to 13 people. We support this long-time use and the building’s legal non-conforming single-family zoning status.

This historic neighbourhood (bordered by York Place, San Carlos Avenue, Beach Drive, Oak Bay Avenue, and including Prospect Place) is worthy of being made a Heritage Conservation Area, and neighbours have begun exploring this process.

If you wish to stop inappropriate development in this neighbourhood, you can help by signing a petition. 

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