In the words of Sharman Minus, our enthusiastic and energetic party planner:

“The inaugural Six Streets Meet, Greet and Eat party was a great success. Approximately 60 people attended.

A big “Thank You” to everyone who helped with setting up and taking down, lending furniture, stocking coolers of ice, hauling tables and chairs, creating beautiful flower arrangements, keeping the children entertained, supplying the music and taking photographs. Not to mention the friendly visits by Oak Bay Police, the Oak Bay Fire Department, and Oak Bay councillors Kevin Murdoch, Eric  Zhelka and Michelle Kirby.

Another big “Thank You” to all the guests who brought their potluck dishes. There was barely room on the tables for any more food, but not surprisingly it seemed to disappear.

Many people commented how wonderful it was to get together and meet their neighbours, some of them very new. Others said it was something they had wanted to do for years, or something they had done in their previous locales and would like to do here.

We all feel very lucky to live not just on the Island, not just in Oak Bay but also in the Six Streets’ little bit of paradise. “

Thank YOU Sharman for your keen attention to making this first street party a great success!

Photo credit: Louise Alepin