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Oak Bay News Article – November 9, 2016

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Christine van Reeuwyk/Oak Bay News Michael Prince and Karen Wallace-Prince propose Oak Bay designate their segment of Oak Bay (their home behind on the right) as a Heritage Conservation Area. "Many living in Oak Bay’s first subdivision hope to be part of the community’s first Heritage Conservation Area. They took notice, and worried a [...]

Times Colonist Article – March 11, 1989 (Morris home – 1558 Beach Drive)

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"Oak panelling, stained glass featured in Morris home" by Geoffrey Castle Much has been said and written about two particular Victoria architects – Francis M. Rattenbury and Samuel Maclure. Rattenbury, who was happiest with non-residential work, is synonymous with the Parliament Buildings and the Empress Hotel. Maclure, on the other hand, who designed several hundred good [...]

A Cluster of Architectural Treasures—A Brief History of this Distinctive Neighbourhood

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The proposed Heritage Conservation Area for the neighbourhood of Prospect Place/York Place/Beach Drive/San Carlos/and a small segment of Oak Bay Avenue contains 11 of the 28 Heritage Designated houses in Oak Bay. The area had its start in 1898, with the purchase of 15 acres of waterfront property from the Pemberton estate, by architects Francis [...]

September 2016 – Upcoming Events You May Wish to Attend

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Oak Bay is holding Open House sessions on a Residential Infill Strategy and the following is from the District’s website: “Oak Bay is experiencing increased interest in infill housing, such as laneway and garden cottages, duplexes, triplexes and residential subdivision. This interest occurs as our neighbourhoods age and change, and as demand for more diverse housing [...]

One of Oak Bay’s First Planned Neighbourhoods

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After incorporation, in 1906, the Municipality evolved from a recreational and agricultural area to a residential community. Earlier, in 1898 architects Francis Rattenbury and John G. Tiarks, recognizing the potential value of the Oak Bay waterfront, purchased land extending from Oak Bay Avenue eastward to present-day San Carlos Avenue, property that would become part of Oak [...]

How can I help?

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September 10, 2016 Residential Infill Strategy meetings to be held at the University of Victoria. If you attend one of these Open House sessions, or wish to a write a letter to council members on this topic of infill housing, it is important to emphasize the vital significance of supporting and respecting heritage values and neighbourhood [...]

Oak Bay’s Official Community Plan: a living document

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“Oak Bay is defined by its attractive residential neighbourhoods, strong sense of community, mature tree canopy, scenic shoreline to the east and south, natural environment, and historic character.” (page 1) Oak Bay’s Official Community Plan represents the “community’s vision for the future and provides a framework to guide growth and decisions about the use and management [...]

What Oak Bay’s Official Community Plan says on heritage conservation

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“There is a strong cultural heritage in Oak Bay, which is greatly valued by its residents. Key heritage aspects of Oak Bay include the streetscapes and neighbourhoods, historic buildings and structures, cultural and natural landscape features, and history.” (page 120) “The District is becoming more proactive in conserving its community heritage through the work of its [...]