“Oak Bay is defined by its attractive residential neighbourhoods, strong sense of community, mature tree canopy, scenic shoreline to the east and south, natural environment, and historic character.” (page 1)

Oak Bay’s Official Community Plan represents the “community’s vision for the future and provides a framework to guide growth and decisions about the use and management of land and water resources in the municipality. The OCP describes how and where residential, commercial and other types of development will occur; it guides the provision of necessary road, water, sewer and other infrastructure; and it provides policies concerning environmental, economic and community health and well-being.” (page 2)

“Communities are not static; change is always occurring. An OCP that reflects the community therefore must be a “living document” that is amended from time to time. This can be initiated by Council or as the result of an approved OCP amendment application.” (page 3)


The Vision statement of Oak Bay’s Official Community Plan states:

Oak Bay is a vibrant and safe community located in a spectacular natural setting. Residents are passionate and proud of the many qualities that make Oak Bay one-of-a-kind. These include its sense of community, streetscapes, village charm, residential character, natural coastal environment, parks, recreation facilities and opportunities, enviable quality of life, vibrant arts and culture scene, high quality education opportunities, heritage values, mixed architectural styles, and well-conserved historic architecture.

Oak Bay is a dynamic community that respects and enhances the existing community structure and core characteristics that make it distinct from adjacent communities, while supporting the changes necessary to meet current and future needs. These features are central to Oak Bay’s resilience and sustainability; protecting the best of what we have and adapting to embrace the future. (page 7)

Link to the District of Oak Bay – Official Community Plan ACP_PDF 2_file_document