“There is a strong cultural heritage in Oak Bay, which is greatly valued by its residents. Key heritage aspects of Oak Bay include the streetscapes and neighbourhoods, historic buildings and structures, cultural and natural landscape features, and history.” (page 120)

“The District is becoming more proactive in conserving its community heritage through the work of its municipal volunteer bodies such as the Heritage Commission, the Heritage Foundation and Municipal Archives. The Oak Bay Heritage Plan (2013) provides a detailed framework for retaining Oak Bay’s heritage and special character for years to come; this strategy has helped to inform various policy directions within this OCP.” (page 120)

“Oak Bay does not yet have Heritage Conservation Areas (HCAs); however, the potential for this type of land designation has been discussed and it is of interest to many members of the community. Oak Bay has many heritage and character buildings and streetscapes that contribute to the community’s values, and some of these could be candidates for heritage conservation.” (page 121, emphasis added)

Heritage policies of the Official Community Plan include:

  • HR1. Support the retention of heritage and character houses and other buildings through the following measures:
    • Use the authorities enabled under the Community Charter and Local Government Act as appropriate to protect and conserve heritage property including, but not limited to, heritage revitalization agreements, density bonusing, maintenance standards, development of a community heritage register, and designation of heritage property.
    • Promote heritage conservation grants provided by the Oak Bay Heritage Foundation and others. (page 122)
  • HR3. Identify neighbourhoods and streetscapes that warrant protection, and identify tools to protect these as redevelopment takes place. (page 123)
  • HR5. Explore opportunities to establish Heritage Conservation Areas as a tool to conserve the character of significant clusters of heritage buildings and their associated landscapes. (page 123)